Outside the Pan

Whether you are a longstanding, and unabashed meatloaf fan like me, or a cynical meatloaf detractor, hopefully we can all agree on one thing:


❤️ Meatloaf! ❤️

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It’s the best thing to happen to ground beef since the hamburger!

Transform ordinary, lackluster meatloaf into a stunning dinner entree

“Form raw meatloaf into cool shapes, bake and decorate with colorful sauces and vegetables.”

“Meatloaf tastes good enough, but as it is traditionally baked in a loaf pan, it often resembles a brick. Meatloaf could spruce itself up a bit, right?”

“Throw away your loaf pan and  amaze your family and friends. They won’t believe it’s meatloaf!”

“Meatloaf needs to start looking as good as it tastes.  With a little help and inspiration from this book, meatloaf can become a super star. “

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Bow WOW!

Whatta meatloaf!